New mini single seat wax machine hair removal suit WAX warmer waxing machine for hair removal wax warmer kit

New mini single seat wax machine hair removal suit WAX warmer waxing machine for hair removal wax warmer kit


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1. Product Overview

The heating element of heating ring is used to dissolve wax by heating, which is used for hair removal of women and men.

2. Product advantages?

The company has 100% test for electrical appliances: 1 aging test 2 withstand voltage test (safety, no leakage) 3 functional test 4wax dissolution test.

3. Product characteristics?

It is safe to use high quality electronic components products, and double PTC heating is used to dissolve wax faster. Power cord with pure electrolytic copper, full 0.5mm square line, plastic components using a new imported ABS material.

4. What should we pay attention to when choosing this kind of products?

Is suitable for use in a beauty salon and a household.

5. Is it environmentally friendly?

Accessories do not contain harmful chemical elements

6. What certifications do you have?


Enterprise qualification Certificate / Enterprise qualification certificate


Precautions before hair removal:

1. Please place the wax product horizontally and keep away from the heat source. If the wax product becomes thick due to high temperature, please store it in the refrigerator;

2. Do not use on varicose veins, abscesses, breakage, sunburn or other damaged skin;

3, please use a small area before use to determine no allergies;

4, do not let the hair removal wax or waxing paper stay on the skin for a long time;

5. Please keep out of reach of children.

Note after hair removal:

1. After depilation, in order to prevent skin infections, bathing, soap washing, makeup and sun exposure are prohibited within 24 hours;

2. After depilation, if you feel dry skin, do not use body lotion (body) containing essential oils and facial cleanser (face) containing essential oils. Use emollient or restorative lotions;

3, after hair removal should not use water or alcohol to clean the residual wax on the skin, 24 hours should not swim or exposure;

4. After depilation, it is forbidden to use antiperspirant to have antiperspirant essence, which can be used after 24 hours;

5. After depilation, the possibility of bacterial infection in public bathing places is high;

6. After three days of hair removal, if there is a problem with the skin, go to the hospital immediately (dermatology);

7. If you go to the beach to remove hair in advance, the bacteria in the sea will enter the open hole, which will cause serious skin infection, leading to dermatitis;

8, in the privacy of hair removal (intermediate, advanced) hair removal, at night to wear loose, airy clothes to sleep.

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AC power

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Hair removal device

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Hair removal part

Armpit and heel

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