Electric magnetic physical therapy device pulse stimulate therapy machine EA-F29

Electric magnetic physical therapy device pulse stimulate therapy machine EA-F29

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Electric magnetic physical therapy device pulse stimulate therapy machine EA-F29

6 for acupuncture (tens body massager),1 for ultrasonic beauty therapy,1 for laser therapy,

1 for far-infared heating therapy

1.Russian Friend : Please fill in receiver's full name in the order due to new policy of Russian customs, otherwise you probably won't receive package finally .

2.For Brazil customer, please offer us your value added tax number (CPF number) in the order message, the CPF number needs to be provided to courier before shipping. Thank you.

3.If you need power supply 110v ,please leave us message .because the machine on regular we will be sent is 220v.thank you .

combines the crystallization of physiotherapy medical essence:ultrasound therapy&beauty,laser blood

cleaner,Ashi point therapy,acupoint therapy,foot sole therapy,ear points acupuncture therapy,eye care,infrared

bandage therapy,Chinese Medicinal Liquor.

Performance Charateristics

1. Add blue display lights, you can see the screen clearly day or night

2.Large LCD screen,elegant and luxurious outward appearance

3.High-tech design of digital circuit changing into analog circuit makes the

stable product performance.

4.Frequencyrange:low frequency (1Hz-1000Hz), used for Epidermis & shallow muscle;middle frequency (1000Hz-4000Hz) to deep muscle & Skeletons.

5.The output spectrum is continually adjustable at 24 levels

6.Convenient design and simple operation

7.8 kinds of therapy&massager programs:acupuncture 1&acupuncture2; manipulation & massaging;skin scraping&cupping;knocking&kneading.All the programs can be set

8.7 channels: 4 for electronic pulse,1for far-infrared heating treatment and 1 ultrasound on the right,1 for laser therapy on the left,1 channel specialized for eye care&sleep promotion

9.AV and DV are available/5 NO.5 alkality batteries

10.cable can be separable from the main body

11.the Reset button is set for sudden off-working


1. analgesia, improve local blood circulation and simulate massagist's massage technique

2. apply to cervical spondylosis, knee, spine, hip, ankle osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia and neuritis

3.Vital Laser Green Therapeutics= Pure Blood + Healthy Heart & Brain

4. laser therapy, produce light&hot effect, the living creature stimulates effect, strong electromagnetism effect

5.Laser cure the pathological tissue,but no side effect to normal tissue, produce and clean blood

reduce the blood glutinosity, improve the lacking of Oxygen, clean the extra free radicals. Prevent and treat hypertension, high blood fat, coronary cardioatic disease, angina, and other cardiovascular and encephalo-vascular diseases.

6.Ultrasonic therapy function: used to generate warm beat and mechanical effects in human bodies. This apparatus is obviously functional in injury of soft tissue, aching in the muscle and arthritis soreness, hematoma, and cerebrovascular disease.

7.Ultrasonic beauty function:stroking the eye fine wrinkles, shrink enlarged pores, make your skin firm and elastic.calm the skin,skin whitening,help the convergence of the wound, fade acne scars, and restore the skin clean and smooth.enhance the skin activation, enhanced cell activity, toughness and water retention
8. improve eye vision and promote good sleep

9 applied to high blood pressure, bronchitis, stomachache, toothache, neuralgia abnormal,menstruation and impotence disorder etc.

10. Breast shaping and keep fit of shoulders, arms, back, waist, leg, belly, thigh, and so on

Main Structure

main unit, skin electrode pad , Introducing Electrodes, far-infrared belt, medical shoes, ear clip, eye mask and laser head .

Main performance and technological index

Packaging & Shipping

Gift box+carton
Gift box :31*32.2*9.8cm
3.6kg / set
1set/gift box 10 sets /carton
Gw: 40kg/carton


1.Ship by Express(door to door) .(DHL.TNT.UPS.FEDEX.EMS)

2.Ship by Air express to airport

3.Ship by Sea

Additional information

Item Type

Massage & Relaxation





Model Number



full-body multi-functional massage with ultrasound and laser therapy

power supply

regular is A.C.220V /110V need to customize and D.C. batteries

treatment modes

11 kinds of treatment modes


Multi-function fire-retardant material,stability and safety

intensity levels

24 levels

time setting

6 grades for 5,10,15,20,25,30min

ultrasound therapy&beauty

laser blood cleaner,

Ashi point therapy,

acupoint reflection therapy,

foot sole therapy,

eye care,

Chinese Medicinal Liquor.

infrared bandage therapy,


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